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2000 disco with 58000 miles has coolant / oil leak by firewall... I had it checked by dealer about 2 weeks ago. Is this common?? Today it left its first markings on the driveway...(I did not get it fixed)

So anyway I am under the disco today and I see that it is leaking also by the pan by the oil filter.... more toward the front of the vehicle.

My Question----If the oil filter is the center of a clock ----at about 10 o'clock
(6 inches away) there is a threaded hole.. I have nothing in that hole.. am I missing something????? assume you are on your back and your feet are out the front of the disco. I got this site at the 2004 MAR.. I am leaving for Colorado in 4 days.... any thoughts .....thanks jhk07

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The coolant/oil leak at the back of the engine is most likely from the intake manifold gasket, kind of common.
Don't worry about missing anything near the oil filter, degrease the area and keep an eye on it, could be a valve cover leak, front cover leak or who knows.
Do you work on your truck at all?
Mike J.

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Thats all it is, a threaded hole....

Best bet is the rubber gasket as mentioned above. May just need to be tightened. Or, it could be the the head gasket at the #7 cylinder. Just get under there and have a look...It's not going to fix it's self.

But, if a Rover is not leaking, somethings wrong.
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