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Hi all.

I have the 3 Amigos on, as well as Brake and SES. Went to my local shop to have the codes read/cleared and here's what they came up with:

System too lean, bank one.
P1590 Rough Road
P0154, P0135, P0155 (O2's I believe)

I hade the shuttle valve fault, but did the Option B fix and that is gone, but still have the lights on due to both rear sensors needing replacement. I assume once I deal with the sensors, the amigos and brake light will clear up and hopefully the 1590. My question is about the System too lean warning and the O2 codes. It would be a pretty rare thing in my opinion to have 3 sensors go out at the same time, yes? Is it more plausible that it could be the MAF sensor or something else? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Also, is there a way to check/service the sensors or is it just easier to replace them and go from there?
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