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I know some of us have been "lucky" to find that despite cracked oil pump gears that our oil pressure still remained high enough to keep the engine from serious damage.

About a year ago I rebuilt my oil pump to find it cracked into 3 pieces - I wasn't concerned because oil pressure both before and after the build seemed good. Drove it for a year after that before I decided to pull the trigger and rebuild the motor.

This is how my cam bearings came out:

Completely wrecked. Admittedly the cam itself was fine with no wear or damage, but I'm sure that the tolerances were far enough out to cause oiling issues in the top end.

Rod bearings were no better, but I don't have a photo of those. Audible knock and side-side play.

I think when the oil pump was cracked it had trouble building pressure over the first few seconds of operation, which is probably what led to the bearing damage. Long story short, if you had to replaced cracked gears, you may be looking at some sort of rebuild in the future.

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Good to know, sorry you had to be the one to find out. What was the mileage?
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