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I would like to know how many people have experienced a stress crack in their Land Rover's windshield. We have had two Land Rover Sports, 2013 and 2015, and both have had stress fractures from the top of the windshield that resulted in huge cracks from top to bottom and side to side in the course of one day that are extremely unsafe. The people at our Land Rover dealership had a rep from Satellite look at it while he was there. He said that there was a break at the top and surmised that it was from a rock. However, the car wasn't driven and had been parked in our house miles and miles from any road traffic.

Though I understand that cracks can occur over time, we have a comparison--fortunately or unfortunately-- of an ACTUAL rock chip right on the windshield and the result is what you would expect, a central strike with radiating lines and a discernible point of impact.

Having the same stress fracture at the exact same place on not one, but two Land Rovers is really beyond coincidence. Forget that these windshields cost $1400 to replace. The fact that a strike that was apparently so tiny that a picture had to be taken and enlarged to find the point of impact would create in less than 24 hours a complete bisection of the windshield from side to side is uncanny. Not on one car. But on two cars.

We are having it looked at independently and will upload pictures and video from those interviews here. This is very distressing.

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When my heated 2015 Land Rover Sport windshield cracked at the top, I knew there was something wrong. My Land Rover 2013 Sport had done the EXACT same thing while Iw as on the road on the way to a funeral. It was cold outside and I was heading North. It had been warm and then a cold front passed through, the rain came, I turned on the windshield heater and BAM! It split from the top. No rock, no strike, no aliens.

My service rep, upon looking at said "We've never seen break like that." We paid to replace it.

In 2016, my Land Rover 2015 was sitting in the driveway, acres away from everyone and everything except birds. an the windshield broke. That morning, it was just a little crack right at the top. That afternoon, it had cracked down, cracked sideway, and bisected the entire windshield.

I took it into Land Rover. The service rep said, "We've never seen anything like this."

Oh, really? By now the crack had spread so that to even drive the car would be incredibly unsafe. In less than 24 hours, it was completely broken.

Our Land Rover dealership had a third party auto glass company take a look at the windshield when they were out to repair yet another Land Rover windshield. I asked both my service rep and the service manager for the name of the person who looked at the windshield. "Colton" was the name they gave me. "No one else?" "Nope, no one else."

Colton, it turns out, is a trainee. A trainee looked at it and "determined" that it was a rock hit that broke the windshield.

I called the auto glass dealership to speak with the owner. The woman on the phone said it wasn't a trainee who looked at the windshield, but the owner.

I asked to speak with the owner. Remember, my windshield is bisected from top to bottom and side to side in less than 24 hours from a "rock hit" that took a picture magnification to find.

The owner then called and the story changed again. It wasn't him who looked at the windshield. Now it was someone named "Josh" who had over a year's worth of experience.

So my completely broken, unsafe, windshield now has had a three story change and it was Josh that looked at it in spite of everything the service rep and the service manager said.

Back to Land Rover corporate, who is handling my case. Janie or Jennie depending on how she pronounces her name that day, does not have a voicemail set up. So I had to keep calling to get her.

I asked to speak with someone who would be able to make a determination based on this being the second windshield that had cracked in the same place.

This, I was informed, is never done. I asked to escalate it. There is, I was informed, no such thing. I asked who I would speak to if I felt after speaking to her that my problem was not cleared up.

That would be the manager, but they only handle administration, not problems.

I asked to be contacted by a manager.


Kathleen called. Lo and behold! If you have two Land Rover, two windshields that break in the same place, then yes, by all means, they should be looked at. Still waiting for a reply.
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