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It's been awhile! The Old Goat is registered and on the road!

The truck didn't move for nearly a year - nothing was "wrong" - I was cheating on her with a Ford...

Replaced the battery and crank-crank-vroom! It started up within 3-4 seconds. That was about two weeks ago - SES light was on, code reader was MIA. Found my reader and had the familiar P0455, replaced the gas cap - problem gone.

Now for the P0340. The truck is running great, starts quickly, accelerates great, idles perfectly. So...I'm wondering what's causing the code - I'm assuming just a faulty sensor, but with what I've described, is there a usual suspect?

Mike? Paul? Anyone?



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Cam sensor is acting up, might want to remove and clean it, then reinstall before buying a new one.
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