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I believe all you would achieve is a heavily reverse-raked stance, meaning your front end would sit much higher than the rear end.

Don't cut the coils - during full axle articulation you can have the spring dislodge from it's mounts and risk damaging the ABS wires or brake lines.

Keep in mind that you're limited to how much lift you can achieve on the stock components without negatively impacting ride & handling. It's something like 2" or less. Your limiting factor will be the radius arms. Basically, as you put in bigger springs, the axle will move away from the frame along the swing of the radius arms and will begin to angle inward toward the center of the body. This means that the "caster" angle of your front axle will be thrown off which will lead to problems with ride quality and an inability for your steering wheel to self-center. It also stresses shocks & shock towers.

You can buy caster-corrected radius arms, but they're something like $600/pair.

I did a mild 2" medium-duty Terrafirma lift and during my alignment I was told that my caster was already 3 degrees off.
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