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Men, my daughter and I need help.

She bought a 2002 Discovery II as her first car and loves it, but we recently have encountered crazy, sporadic electrical problems.

Aside from the three amigos being on, which we think is a separate issue, we are getting various clicking sounds in the instrument cluster, dash and under the seats. These clicking and switching sounds coincide with the blinkers, seats, windows, wipers working sporadically. Also, the SRS warning light comes and goes. The high beam indicator comes and goes irrespective of the setting of the lights. A few times the truck has not wanted to shift out of park when first started.

All this problems seem to be worse when the truck is cold and diminish usualyl as it heats up, but not always.

Had the battery tested and tightened a loose negative cable. Cleaned the three grounds near the battery. Even had the computer hooked to the truck at a mechanic and we watched warning lights come and go but never throw a fault.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Scour the internet for owners with similar issues to hear their solutions.
Talk to LR service technicians (if you can get to one) to hear their experience.
Find a repair shop that specializes in LR as they are not as tight lipped as dealerships and can do the repair for less than what LR charges.
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