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Custom 1995 Classic Plan

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I own a 95 classic with the 4.0 V8 and Auto. Gold and LWB. With only 125k miles on the clock, the beast has some life left. However, it needs some R&R. The either braking system after the pedal needs replacing. Also it needs some electrical bits and pieces (like any Landy). Interestingly, I also own a 2000 Series II Disco with over 210k miles (hard miles too). The disco's keys are lost presumed gone, no power steering (after replacing pump), two broken windows, the tranny (auto) has lost Reverse more than once, and the V8 has a mystery misfire on Cylinder #6. So between the two I have one solid LR. Which one do I save, and which one becomes parts? The gold RR is my all time favorite LR (the 2004 series II is a close second), so here is the plan:
-The entire Braking, ABS, TC, HDC, sensors, etc on to the RR (mods are no issue)
-The V8 in both cars is crap (the rover V8 was so bad Buick practically gave it away)
--So a Diesel is in order, but must be US friendly
---The stock tranny (Auto) and diffs must be able to handle the diesel, or it gets really difficult
-Brush Bar and Winch are not on it YET
-My dad and I are really good at electronics, so that shouldn't be an issue

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You could have both. I looked over a Rangie that was a Classic body on a D2 chassis and running gear. The Rangie also had the D2 dash, console and seats fitted to it. It was a very nice car. It was also a diesel D2 that the body was fitted to.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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