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Just thought I would share a few pictures of a D90 build that we just finished for a customer of ours. First off we took it down to the frame which was painted. All new bushings underneath. 1 inch lowered springs were installed. Slotted and drilled DBA rotors were installed. All brake lines were replaced with stainless steel lines. All of the rubber lines were also replaced with braided hoses. Transmission was rebuilt. 3.9 ring and pinions along with Detroit Truetrac's installed in the diff's. A 320hp 5.0 liter engine from ACR was also installed. A radiator and coolant reservoir from Allisport. Along with dual electric fans and a Ron Francis dual fan controller. A custom 2 1/2 inch stainless steel dual exhaust was also built for it using 2010 high flow Camaro cat's. Ceramic coated header's were also installed.

On the body work a puma hood and grill were installed. A custom grill with Black Magic Hella's were also done. Stainless steel side steps were custom built for it as well. A second fuel tank was installed with an electric transfer pump to pump fuel from it to the main tank. A second gas filler was also put in to match the original one. The interior was all sound proofed. A custom front bumper was also built for it. The customer had the wheels also built.

We also installed electric windows and door locks along with seat heaters. The windshield was replaced with a heated windshield. I know I have forgotten a couple of things that I will add when I remember them.


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