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Hi All,
Wow, Lysias, Sorry to hear about what LRSA did to you, Maybe try speaking to a Lawyer, as we are currently in a Lawsuit as the Disco 3 has a Handbrake problem, The handbrake disengaged and the car rolled over a lady!! big issues they say there is no problem but there was a re-call letter given from LRUK, so ja.

have a problem now with the freelander, The brakes are making weird noises when stopping, Clanking and creeking noise, have pretty much replaced everything now, driveshaft - Left and right, Prop shaft and CV joints including new Brake disks and Pads, still nothing, still shuddering and creeking and clunking, i can even feel it in the peddle when braking, My landy is currently at land Rover Again this morning.
Any word on the Issue? has anyone Heard of this?
Your words will be greatly appreciated :)
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