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Hello landy owners. I am the proud owner of a 1996 Discovery 1 SE7 with a stock GEMS 4.0L v8 petrol engine. The vehicle was given to me by the original owner who purchased it in 1996 with owners manual and service records up to 130,00 miles. It was in bad shape when I obtained. Diagnosed with a bad death wobble in the front end at 55+mph. Now she has sat the last 30 days getting some upgrades and changes done to her.
The passenger side cat clogged up and caused enough back pressure to blow all ports on the passenger side exhaust manifold gasket. During disassembly, I snapped a stud in the driver side header. (Just my luck..) lol
The headers are being reinstalled with new gaskets and hardware after Christmas follow by the catless y pipe me and my buddy welded.
In the process still of picking a muffler to quiet down the overall sound just alittle. (I know that sound stupid but shits loud enough with the cats and no evaporate or muffler ha)
She's got 190,000 miles on her and this damn truck amazes me.
So get this. No check engine light illuminated. No service engine emission light. My anti lock light is illuminated bc I have the abs unplugged...
So for experimentation and pure curiosity we straight piped the cats and are welding in a muffler. Upgrading to high flow intake. Finally I read somewhere something about the Australian ECU for D1s 95-97 already being programmed without o2 because they were not required in the country at that time and we're not equipped with o2s?....
Either way I'm reprogramming the ecu after all this work with a friends software and deleting o2s and maybe even a small bit of tuning...
I wish it would have blown so I couldve done the 350 swap. But good compression on all eight means I gotta fix it.
Any advice would be great on this endeavor.


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