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Anyone, please feel free to contribute to this if you have/can find the information... Please give credit where credit is needed.

What is it?
Certain years of the Discovery II share the same transfer case (LT230SE) with the Discovery I. This transfer case has the ability to lock the front and rear driveshafts together which will increase off road traction using what is called Center Differential Locking or CDL. On the Discovery I, this is operated by shifting the HIGH-LOW selector to the left, therefore engaging the CDL. The fine folks at Land Rover decided that this was too complicated for average consumer to use, so they decided not to include it with the new range of Discovery IIs, believing that Electronic Traction Control (ETC) would be sufficient enough.

Years that Contain It
As said above, certain years contain the same transfer box, which contains the mechanism needed to lock it, just no easy to use handle to engage it.
1999 & 2000 Have the Transfer Case
Certain models of the early 2001 build year have it
2002 & 2003 does not have it
2004 has the transfer case AND they decided to bring back the in cab lever to operate it.

[Insert Transfer Case Swap procedures]

[Insert Ashcroft internals information]

[Insert information about home built linkage (I think Keptin has article)]

[Insert information about putting a D1 linkage in]

[Insert information about putting a 2004 D2 linkage in]

ETC/ABS Disabled
Due to the fact that these trucks were not equipped to be using the CDL selector, there is a slight bug in the operation. If you engage the CDL with the car OFF, and then start the car, your ETC and ABS will be disabled and the lights will be illuminated. You can either always engage/disengage the CDL when the truck is running, or you can create a switch to override this function.

[Insert information about troubleshooting sticky CDL lever]
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