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Dash Brake warning light stays on

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The dash waring brake light stays on. I checked continuity of hand brake switch and unplugged the reservoir cap with no success. I don't know what to test next. Anyone have any ideas.
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I copied this from the manual:

l A red brake graphic (all except NAS vehicles) or red BRAKE legend (NAS vehicles), to warn of low brake fluid
level, handbrake on and brake control system failure affecting EBD.

The EBD function optimises the distribution of hydraulic pressure between the front and rear axles, under all vehicle
load configurations and road conditions, to maintain vehicle stability during braking. EBD operates in forward and
reverse and is automatically enabled whenever the ABS modulator is in the normal braking mode at vehicle
deceleration rates of 0.3 g and above (i.e. medium to high brake pedal loads). EBD operation is similar to that of ABS,
but is calibrated to intervene at lower wheel slip limits and operates the brakes in axle pairs instead of individually.
During braking, if the SLABS ECU detects the wheels of one axle going slower than those of the other axle, i.e. a
potential wheel slip situation, it signals the ABS modulator to close the inlet solenoid valve for the brakes of the slower
wheels. This prevents any further increase in hydraulic pressure to those brakes, while allowing the hydraulic pressure
to the brakes on the other axle to increase and so maximise the overall braking effort. If the wheel speeds of the axle
being subjected to EBD control return within the calibrated wheel slip limits, the SLABS ECU signals a stepped
opening of the inlet solenoid valves, which allows a progressive increase of hydraulic pressure to the related brakes.
Operation of EBD is detectable from a stiffening of brake pedal movement as the inlet solenoid valves close and a
slight pulsing of the brake pedal as the inlet solenoid valves open. EBD operation ceases immediately the brake pedal
is released.
The wheel slip limit for EBD operation varies with vehicle speed. During normal operation, the inlet solenoid valves
always operate in axle pairs, with only one axle pair closed at any one time. Since the most lightly loaded wheel during
a braking manoeuvre will usually be the first to reach the slip limit, under most vehicle load configurations and road
conditions EBD control occurs on the trailing axle. However, EBD control can occur on the leading axle or switch
between axles during the braking manoeuvre.
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So Im thinking ABS Modulator and check the relay. i also read some said low brake pressure, as in air in the line. What do you think?
Get a friend and bleed the brakes off. Make sure you keep the reservoir full while bleeding so you don't undo you work. If it was the module, the abs light would most likely be on.

Mike Russell
Age 18
2003 discovery se
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Thanx for that. Does that mean the module must have a certain amount of pressure to keep the light off?
I would think so. When I got mine, the brake like was on and even thought it would stop we bleed the brakes and the light went off. It can tell when air gets in the lines

Mike Russell
Age 18
2003 discovery se
Lover of Rovers
I had that same issue. Mine was solved by replacing the ABS relay in the engine compartment fuse box.

$15.00 at Napa P/N: ECH AR6281

It could be air in hte lines also though.
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