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Dba rotors. Price help and where to buy them?

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I am planning on replacing my rotors on my 2003 Disco. I've been searching night and day for a good deal as they are kind of pricey. Anyone knows where to purchase this DBA 4000 series? Any good option on pads?
I hate starting a threat on this stupid issue, but I can't manage to get results online unless I pay over 300.00 pair.
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Not Familiar with any FL hook ups, but do go with akebono for brake pads.
DBA's are no longer being made for Rovers. My call British parts of Utah, they have a set of slotted and drilled rotors, just like the DBA'a that are made in the UK and sell for around $400 for a set of 4.
TerraFirma sells drilled and slotted rotors, Justin at lucky8 runs them on his D2 with 33's and a Defender 90 with 35's with no problems with them. I think they'd run you around 280$ more or less shipped from lucky8, which is the only place in the US of A that I have found. rotors slotted and drilled $310 or so for 4. Akebono pads are there also. They also have like 7 or 8 different types...brembo was pretty damn cheap there. Best selection over all I've seen
I second parts geek. If I didn't jump the gun when I bought my fuel pump I would've spent 350$ on my pump instead of 400$ :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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