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I was cleaning out some older stored boxes of parts and came across
4 Weber 42 DCNF carbs. I'm fairly certain they were Ferrari Dino/Citron SM variety, and while those cars use 3, somewhere I came by a 4th which brings me to this question: Has anybody heard of a DCNF intake for the 4.0? There are plenty of DCOE intakes to chose from but I did not find in my limited search one for the DCNF carbs. Anybody ever hear or see one?

I unloaded boxes of marine stuff, a couple Alpha Gen 2 drives, steering cables, Holley carbs, a Mercedes M119 aluminum block and heads, antique gauges from Mercury, it's astounding what can be collected or saved and never used, forever holding space hostage. Anyway if you've got a lead on a 4x2DCNF intake for a 4.0, please pass it on I'm thinking about an idea that will likely be stored in a box to waste more space...Jeez!

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