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Defender 110 - 6.0 Vortec V8 conversion help needed

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Hi guys,

Not new here, but I don't post often. Here's my situation.

I own an 87 110, that I've done a frame off restoration to (will begin posting pictures later). New galvanized chassis, shocks, springs, restored front a rear axels, etc etc.

I'm currently doing a basic rebuild on a 6.0 chevy vortect V8 engine. The engine came out of a 2002 yukon Denali XL. I was planning on using the transmission, engine, etc to do the conversion. The mechanic who is doing the installation for me told me I need an adaptor for the transmission or transfer case in. Does anyone have any recommendations? He mentioned a place in AZ that deals with stuff like this, but wanted to see if there might be a better option (i.e., getting a new transfer case, or, the unfortunate thought of getting a new transmission). I don't want to change out the axels as they are Land rover and Salisbury (rear), and I've fully restored them. I know I'll have to change the gear ratios in the differential etc, but just trying to make the transfer case work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys! :dunno:
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Atlas would probably be your best bet for a aftermarket transfer case.

Also the guys over at Land Rover Defender Forum - Defender & Series Owners Community will probably be able to offer more assistance as there are a lot more 110 owners on there. Also another guy is attempting this swap as well.
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