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The 4x4 Experience
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Hi Guys! Quick introduction!

My name is Pippa Girling and I am 25 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I grew up in the world of Land Rovers as my dad, Kevin Girling, was a journalist for Land Rover Owner International, Land Rover Enthusiast and Land Rover World for many years.

We have had many disco's over the years but our most recent addition is an LR4. We also have a Defender 110 which we have worked hard to restore over the past few years.

Recently we launched our new website for The 4x4 Experience where we sell Land Rover memorabilia and accessories for the Defender range of vehicles.

Feel free to add my dad Kevin Girling on Facebook or check out our website to see what it is we do and to view all the pictures from our Defender restoration project! The 4x4 Experience - Land Rover Defender

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