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Much as it pains me my I am putting my baby up for sale :bawling:

An original very, very tidy 1996 (N Reg) Landrover Defender Station Wagon. 300TDi, R380 Gearbox.

This vehicle was a "Special" as in it has a LR Special Vehicles Contract Plate on it. I suspect this is an ex Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary vehicle, there are little clues all round the vehicle that give signs of its previous existance as a police car - BUT - no nasty big holes drilled anywhere, this landy has been very nicely "civilian-ised" on its retirement from active service at 80K miles including the appropriate stripe & decal kit.

Whats been done to it then?

Mantec Snorkel (OE)
Seats recovered in black LR Logo Cloth (Trakkers)
265/70 x 16" Colway ATs on steel modulars
Cat Converter sent west! Straight through pipe lot more grunt now.
JVC RDS Radio / CD + 12 Disc CD/CD-RW/MP3 Changer (can store up to 1500hrs of music!)

Regularly Serviced oil & filters every 5000 religiously, just had timing belt, new exhaust, clutch, pads all round, handbrake shoes and a major service.

113,500 Miles at the moment. This is my daily driver :drive: and has never let me down at all. I really don't want to sell it but my wife is "nipping my ear",
And to be honest as much as I love :bawling: it it is killing my back to drive it, I have serious spinal problems due to my love of motorsport and the number of high sspeed accidents I have been involved in as a result.

SooI am on the look out for a nice tidy Rangie to replace her.

I am looking for £9500 O.V.N.O. for her which also means it will have fresh rubber, steam cleaned all the grubby bits, re-waxoyled all over (would do this anyway) and valeted.

BTW it is the white one in this picture!! :rolleyes: and NO my son does not come with it neither does the amber or the comms kit.

There is a couple of options I may be prepared to sell at the same time.

If you are interested then e-mail me here
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