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I am just in the process of getting a Defender 110, XS Utility. I have some nice alloy wheels on there at present, but could really do with some modifications quite quickly.

What I'd like to do is raise the car either by 1 - 5 inches and then add some nice meaty tyres. I would like to KEEP the present alloys, I'd like some 305 or 315 tyres, but increase the wall ratio as well.

I don't want some monster car wheels, but do want some bigger tyres that fill the arches nicely, give it a more aggressive outlook.

Can anyone advise on tyres sizes and lift heights, or can someone point me in the direction of a website or company that is good (as in recommended).

I've always used Craddock's before so if there is anything here (Land Rover & 4x4 Tyres | John Craddock Ltd) that fits the bill it would be perfect.

Thanks in advance ........
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