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Definitive Find a Vacuum Leak

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Hi guys, my Disco II (04) has been losing power (stuttering) under load on a regular basis the last few weeks and is also sometimes having weird temporary idle drops. I'm pretty sure it's a vacuum leak becuase I have started hearing a tea kettle whine at idle in the garage. I don't think it's the power steering pump, and the whine only comes from the drivers side where there are a lot of vacuum hoses. It's not the SAI. I've examined both side and there is no noise coming from there and no vacuum leak at the SAI.

Any ideas on how to definitively find the leak?
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Any vacuum leak that big should set off a "lean" code. Are there any codes present?

My gut feeling is that it's probably a loose fuel purge line connection. It's by far the biggest vacuum line and could conceivably cause the symptoms you're seeing. That's the big hose barb immediately behind the throttle body. Check to make sure it isn't loose or cracked.

Check all of the rubber boots and hard lines for the SAI vacuum system as well. They tend to go. They're all tied together so tracing them should be easy.
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