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Diagnostic help wanted

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So I checked the new distributor and Rotor, The new Spark plug wires and even replaced the spark plugs themselves even though they also were new.(perfect beige coloration) I Seafoamed everything except the tranny (followed the directions to a T). Checked to make sure there was spark on all cylinders. (All tests conducted when Hot)

So then I surmized that it must be a fuel pressure issue so I replaced the fuel filter to no effect so then I got a fuel pressure guage and hooked it up to the fuel rail. Guess what: I have and maintain almost 25lb of pressure when the truck is hot and turned off, (it actaully climbed to almost 40 after sitting for ten minutes. But still no start. It finally after a few minutes It did start right up and I get about 35lbs of pressure.

So I'm confused. I've got spark, and fuel pressure. Do injectors fail to work when hot ( This makes no sense considering where they're located.) Is there a injector control module that might be getting hot and ceasing to function? (if so how do I test it) Should I set the car on fire and collect the insurance money (just Kidding)

Is there a test to see if there is a signal going to the injector??

For the back story here goes: Car starts rough if at all when hot and runs rough till it smoothes out after a minute or two. Runs great when cold and once it's up and running it runs great for hours at a time. Sometimes a little sluggish going up a long hill when hot.

By the way I would like to say for the record that the Factory manual is the biggest waste of trees since god-only-know-what.

Any and all info appreciated.

95 Disco
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Hi Eric, sorry to hear your tearing your hair out, but sometimes to find the problem you have to go step by step, sometimes, you hit on it, with the first thing you try.
The symptoms you describe could be caused by a faulty fuel temperature sensor. This can result in the engine (when it's hot), getting too much, or not enough fuel, producing either a poor start, or no start at all.
you will find the sensor located in the fuel rail on the righthand side of the ram housing.
Let's know if I saved you some hair.
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