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Did I hurt anything here...?

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OOOOOPS! well, I think I found the problem!! I'm looking over all the connections to and from the alternator, and something doesn't look right. hmmm...oh, shouldn't there be a BELT on that pulley!!?? yep- broken alternator belt laying in engine bay. - the one from alt to power steering.
So...Driving with no alternator belt- did I hurt anything??? :dunno:
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Depends how long all you were doing was drawing all the power from the battery insted of the current coming from the alternator. at worst you may have hurt the battery. If you have a charger that you can plug in to the wall the slow chage the battery if not the start the car and let it run for a while.
good...I'm pluggin' in now. thanks :D
Yeah probably just strained the battery a bit.
If it's under warranty I'd just take it back and get a new one.
I've never had luck getting a severly drained battery back up to snuff.

Question I have is: Why is the belt off?????? :confused
I just picked up a new belt for my Alt swap yestereday.

Pulled from
Original belt specified for use with the Lucas alternator, Autozone part # 13270 is too short and tight with no adjustment possible.
I purchased a much better fitting belt, Autozone part # 15290. This is a 15mm wide belt versus the 13MM originally specified in the Autozone parts computer. Infact the 15mm wide belt fits the pulleys better, without sinking like the 13mm does. The 15290 belt allows for some tension adjustment, without being too long or too short.
It helps to keep the bearings from failing prematurely, do not over do the tension. <<<<<<

$4.30 including tax at Autozone... Kraigan wanted $12.00
the belt had broke, and was lying in the engine bay. I got the replacement at autozone- $4.oo. the # 13270 actually, and it fits ok. Fired it up- no battery icon light! thanks guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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