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Hey everyone,
I actually own a 1975 series 3, but my old man owna '04 series 2 disco TD5. It has been pretty good, had to get the electronic accelerator replaced a month ago though. Anyway, due to the efficiency and confort of the disco, my younger sister is looking at getting one (we have persuaded her that a diesel 4wd is the way to go that way we can take hers bush bashing and on the beach without the worry about demaging our own fourbees.... haha). There is one advertised in the paper, a 2000 model TD5 for $13,500, (in Oz)the only thing is its done 240,000ks. Is this a problem for these landies. Will there be much work to do on it, replacement, gearbox, diffs etc. it looks like it has been out west most of its life, cause there is red dirt here and there. so not much beach. The price seems quite reasonable compared to others, but just thought if anyone had much experience with probs associated with more ks, they could give us an idea what we could belooking at.
Thanks for the help,
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