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Good day all,

Another snowfall here in Vermont.. Vehicle is awesome in sonow but when you engage the Diff Lock and light comes on in dash when you move shifter to left to engage there is no real big movement like from high too low range is this normal??

Eric :dunno:
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Looks like he has a 95 D1 (based on his other posts), correct Eric?

When you move the stick to the left you will engage the diff lock and a light will turn on in your dash. That means that you have successfuly locked the diffs. If you push the stick forward you will be placing the TC in low. I'm sure you know that you have to do this while in Neutral and going 8 mph or less. Also, I wouldn't drive with the diffs locked on a paved road with little snow.

Hope this helps.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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