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Hi all
Going to be going to Namibia in may, a lot of sand driving involved, just wanted to know if a diff-lock would be advisable in this type of driving? What brand/type would you recommend for a series 3 landy?
Thanks, Kai (sorry meant to post on accessories)

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Main thing about sand driving kai is tyre pressures.

Depending on the size of your rubber you have to deflate to around 15 psi sometimes lower and experience makes a big difference.

I run my Disco at 10-12 psi and touch wood never had a tyre off the rim, the Defender I usually run at 14 or so

If you get seriously stuck centre Diff Lock on and reduce pressure a bit more driving slowly and you should be able to self recover.

Never drive alone in the sand and make sure you have a rated tow strap and shackles.

Set of sand ladders is worth carrying and I have, albeit expensive, a set of Trac Mats that I bought in SA several years ago (Safari 4x4 in Cape Town)

Forget these rubber mat things not only are they bulky, but useless.

I also carry a compressor to re-inflate

If you need more info let me know

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Ah, but these series trucks don't have the CDL option. And with stock open diffs, once one side is stuck, so are you.

I'm in the market for a rear locker for my truck, but I'm having a hard time to have someone take my money... :confused I don't want to run the ARB compressor and all that jazz, just a manual locker in the rear. Great Basin Rovers here in the US sells a manual rear locker that sounds good, and one fellow on the Guns & Rovers board has one and likes it, the problem is that Bill at GBR has no idea when the Aussie manufacturer of this unit will produce more of them for him to sell...

That's my 2 kopeks...


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Gear-Max here in Jo burg makes Diff locks for SIII's (Back Axel only). About R6500 Fitted.

I have had an experience with one of these back axel Diff locks in the sand. We only managed to sink both back wheels in evenly, so the truck (an Isuzu 4X4) did not sink sideways. (Had to tow it out with a Ford Tractor)
I dont think a Diff lock on the back acel will work in the sand if both your wheels is already spinning.
Tire pressure is much more crucial.

However they do have their uses, in mountainous terrain there is nothing better.
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