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I'm new to the Land Rover world and have recently bought myself an 88in Series I. It came with a full MOT but don't think the chassis will get through next year's MOT and have been looking for a replacement chassis, but to no avail.

I have acquired a used Series II chassis that is in excellent condition and was wondering if they can be fitted to a Series I without too many modifications.

I am aware holes will need drilled and shafts welded into place for the brake and clutch pedals, and also a hole drilled in the cross member for the brake master cylinder.

I am also aware the track is slightly wider on the Series II but I am assuiming this is due to mods on the axles and not the chassis. I haven't measured the chassis to see if it is dimensionally the same as the Series I and was hoping someone would know if they are interchangeable.

Can anyone help?


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Dont bother

There are very little similarities between the 2 I would source a replacement or repair the existing one they are made of good quality material and is a dream to weld so strip the old girl down and get buzzing!

S2 chassis is wider (frame rails)
S2 out riggers are differnet and are located differently
S2 rear cross member is different.

<<<<<<<<<<< IVE GOT ONE TOOO :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

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By your reference to MOT, I'm assuming you are in the UK. That being the case, pick up a copy of any one of the good mags like Land Rover Enthusiast, or Land Rover World, and check with the companies who list chassies as their speciality. I know a few of them make a series 1 frame, galvanized or black.
You'll be wanting to be put out of your misery long before you finish attempting to alter a series 2 frame to meet your needs, there are just too many differences.
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