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might be asking an already asked question, but here goes. We recently bought a 2000 Discovery and caught the bug, and are now looking at a 1991 Range Rover but we don't know which model it is!

So basically I am wondering what is the difference between the Hunter Sport, the Sport Utility, the Great Divide, and the County SE?

My next question, of course, is how tough are those engines? The one we're looking at is just over a 100k.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know all of the differences. I have a late 91(92) Hunter... I have the 3.9 liter with roughly 165,000 miles.. It still runs great and i 4-wheel often as well as pull trailers and campers all around colorado. The hunter model does not have anti-lock brakes,sway-bars, fog lights etc. The Hunter is the most basic model that i know of..There are less pieces to break and the are, in my opinion, a little more ready for wheeling.. They don't have the bumper hanging down in the front with the fog lights so you do have more of an approach angle... If you look at my pics or go through the forum till you see, what i believe is the most built RRC on the forum, the red RRC both of ours are hunter editions.
The Great Divide is my dream.. they are trail ready but hard to get a hold of a true one. they come with a pushhbar, winch, etc..etc... if you are looking for a wheeling toy that is the way to go
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