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1991 Range Rover 170K miles

Several people have suggested better mileage with synthetic lub in differentials. Since mine hasn't been changed since 63K I thought I might look into it.

Then I read & thought about doing swivelhousing also. (Owners manual say every 30K for all these.)

Now I'm ready to do it. My 1997 Tahoe could use same treatment, it has minor leaks on rear seals.

I'm inclined to use Redline 75W/80 (LightWeight).

Suggestions anyone ?

Does it really increase mileage ? Anyone document this ?

Also any increase in leakage due to somewhat thinner oil ? Any additive sugeested to stop leaking?

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If the viscosity is 75W90 how is it "thinner" than conventional oil's 75W90?
I thought the viscosity was the measurement of the "thickness" under certain temperatures.
I may be wrong but I would like to know.
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