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Hello all!

In my continuing saga of slowly fixing all of the various gremlins present in my '99 Disco II, I've run into an issue with the rear wiper washer. In some preliminary troubleshooting, I don't believe it to be a breach in the line going back from the reservoir to the rear wiper blade as I would think that a breach in the line would be noticed as a puddle on the garage floor after refilling the reservoir. My suspicion is that it's the rear washer pump, but there isn't an easy way to verify that and I'm hesitant to drop $90 on a replacement pump only to find that it's something else.

Anyone have any experience troubleshooting the rear washer on the Disco II and can point me to some general troubleshooting techniques?

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Nobody seems to want to jump in on this one..... But I will give it a go.
First question . . Does the rear wiper work properly?
If yes the system is like this (In my words). If you have not yet .
download the "RAVE" Manual on links to this and other sites.
Discovery 2s have 3 washer pumps - all in the same resivoir at the drivers side front
The one facing the bumper is for the headlight washer jets and the 2 mounted towards the wheel are windshield and rear , I believe they are labeled. If not check the rear has a red wiring connector as I remember out the rave manual, it will specify which one is front and which one is rear.
As for testing, all systems require a simple power supply and ground to the pump.
An automotive 12 volt d.c. test light or volt meter across the 2 terminals of the pump connector will verify whether the pump is getting both power and ground.
If you are getting both power and ground at the pump electrical connector when the rear wash button is pushed then that would indicate the bump is the problem and requires replacement.
If you are not getting both power and ground at that connector you will need to test and isolate what is missing - power? or ground?
Should be a constant ground and powered when the washer button is depressed
Sounds complicated but is a fairly simple system.
Let me know what you see and I can help further if you need
Hope this helps:smile
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