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Greetings Gents,

I'm in process of doing the Valve Cover Gaskets, Spark Plugs / Spark Plug Wires, and I'm noticed a few bits were missing off this discovery. Some of them I could readily order from parts places and others were a little bit harder to find. Does anyone know what kind of bolt / screw is used to attach the dipstick tube to the crank case? Mine is missing and the size isn't called out in RAVE.

In case you were curious: other Bits that were missing were two screws from the intake manifold, 1 screw for the Secondary Air Intake, 1 Nut for the SAI bracket on the other side and 2 Clips for the Fan Cowl. A lot of oil was leaking out of the valve cover gaskets but as far as I can tell there is no coolant in the oil and the head gasket looks great. So far I'm pretty happy with this purchase and all in all the repairs should be close to being done.

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