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The FPR is BRAND new, i thought this was my problem, but was not, so i didnt even use it, land rover dealership does not take them back for refunds...paid about $80 for this, looking to get only 1/2 that back. once again..brand new OEM part.

Fuel Pump is in excellent working condition also, bought a new one for over $300 from Dealership..will sell for $100, works perfect.

I'm from the Bay Area, have no problems shipping anywhere.

I know there are alot of scams on the internet so i like to assure whoever buys anything from me will receive the product just as described. I'm verified on Paypal, have an Ebay Account for 5/6 years now...i usually sell 300zx parts off and, where anyone on there can vouch for me. anything needed to keep doubt away i'm always willing to give and show because once again scamming over the internet seems to be a very popular thing nowadays'

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My fuel pump gave up the ghost today - did you manage to sell yours already? If you still have it, I'll buy it off of you...

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