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i replaced my fuel pump thinking it was causing my running problems, but it actually works perfect, has about 60k miles on it, it was my MAS that was causing the issues.....these are 300 new, i'll sell this working fuel pump for $100.

i also have a brand new fuel pump relay, which can be used in place of basically any of the relays down there...i paid 75 for this, this was never installed..i'll sell for $40.00 (land rover cannot take back electronical parts so i'm screwed)

i'm in the bay area,but have no problem shipping this stuff...i'm 100% legit and you have nothing to worry about being scammed...i know this happens alot and i'll do anything to make sure you have a piece at mind sale with me. if needed, my ebay account user name is cashipman, i have 100% feedback on there.

[email protected] for any questions!
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