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My rear window wash does not work (although the front wash does) I understand they all come from the one pump ( ie Haynes ), the rear unit did make noise when the dash button was pressed but now nothing, I checked the nozzel but there appears to be no blockages - any suggestions ?

If it DID make a noise but now doesn't then I'd check the fuse - if thats OK then it sounds as though the pump or switch is duff. Contrary to Mr Haynes - my 1996 300Tdi has THREE pumps - winscreen, headlamp wash and REAR WASH. Testing the switch is easy - just swap the connectors on the main and rear pumps and press the switch - if it works then its the pump (bearing in mind that the rear switch will now operate the main wahers and vicky vercky). One to check is the hose to the rear jet - mine was full of algea for about 6-8 inches and was clogged solid - had to take the rear trim out on the rear door pillar and around the LH alpine light to get to it :eek: I've also had to wash out the bottle with the jet wash to get rid of all of teh slime and mould in the bottom - a little too late though as I need new pumps for front and rear as pushing all of the slime as opposed to just water has worn them out!

Hope yours is just a fuse...... :lol:

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