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I already did some fun light offroad with my new disco and was wondering if there were any recomendations for the more serious work. I have absolutely no idea where to look for, since I'm a complete noob when it comes to cars in general, and tires more specific :rolleyes:
any hints are appreciated,

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I'm not sure about suspension mod possibilities for LR3. As yet, there are no after-market suspension upgrades (to my knowledge). It's very likely that suspension upgrades will be unavailable for some time (or forever) and that the only option will be replacement of the air suspension. So getting the clearance to run larger tires may not be an option. You may be able to run one size larger than stock w/ minimal rub but there won't be any real improvement off-road.

The good news is the stock tires can certainly be improved upon, giving you more bite & letting the advanced traction control do it's thing even more effectively. Everyone has a favorite tire & the debate can go on & on forever. Many would agree, however, that the BFG All-Terrain TA/KO is among the best choices for a true all-terrain tire. You'll get good bite off-road while maintaining your street ride. You'll also do much better on slick roads & ice than with a true mud tire.

Congratulations on your ride----post some pics! :clap:
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