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Disco 3 warning lights on

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Hi, I am new to this site. I have a 57 disco 3 auto and when driving home today the dash beeped and warning lights came on for the air bag and I first had a message to say 'HDC function not available' then 'Transmission fault'. I drove home as was just round the corner turned off the engine and now it won't start. Just making a pathetic sound like attempting to start. Anyone any ideas? Could it be the battery?:confused

Just been out to try and start again but it won't unlock. Arghhhhh
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A "57 disco 3" is a UK LR3 with a "57" registration plate - I'm guessing 2007 model year. In UK the registration plates are tied to the year of registration, and generally don't change when the vehicle changes hands unless a vanity plate transfer is involved.

But without being able to get fault codes, yes it's a guess at what the problem might be. Could be the infamous brake switch or rear tail light bulbs issue. It could also be the battery if you can't start it....the LR is electronics laden so all kinds of weird stuff happens when you don't feed it enough volts and amps....
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