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Hi, novice mechanic here on a huge learning curve.

Recently had to replace distributor (was on my way to doing timing, thought I'd pull rotor off dizzy along the way to add a couple drops of oil.... Killed the dizzy) I set the timing after replacing dizzy to 6 BTDC, she drove fine about a 100k, then backfired, next morning wouldn't start, I advanced the timing some more and got her going, back fired twice in the next 30 k, Then was chugging along a 30kph street and she just cut out, advance the timing some more, and she started again....... Timing is probably at roughly 30 degrees BTDC. Drove 70 km with seemingly no problem.

What the hell have I done, and how do I fix it? Mind you before I replaced dizzy timing was ATDC.....
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