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My name is Richard, I am on my second Disco II - a 2001 that I no longer own and a 2003 which I gave to my daughter.

I have had many careers. During and between college in my early 20's I was a NIASE-certified auto mechanic but I have been an environmental scientist since then.

My daughter's Disco II has 120K and is showing its age. This is what I have done to it beyond traditional maintenance work:
Replaced valve cover gaskets about a year ago
Replaced u-joint in front axle about 5 years
Replaced water pump about 3 years ago
Replaced heater core last week

Here is what I need help with now:
After tearing the dash apart, the ignition chimes even when the key is out. This is driving me bat-crazy. Also, there are some hard plastic tubes behind the engine that are broken and I need to know where they go and what they do.

Welcome folks!

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