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Which A/C parts? All of 'em that we could pull out. A rear A/C grab-bag!
$150 takes 'em all,,,pick-up only. Too many misc parts, doo-dads, and thing-a-ma-bobs to mention.

If you ever need a spare part, the investment will pay for itself.

In Englewood, CO

ALSO have set of roof rails, $50 pick-up or you pay shipping.

Sunroof with guiderail assembly: $200 ditto or ditto

Complete rear carpets from behind 1st row seat on back,,,have seen better days, needs shampoo,,,$30 & get 'em the heck out of the shop.

2nd row door windows, undamaged: $50 each pick-up only

rear cargo door window w/ heating element, undamaged: $75 pick-up only

rear cargo bay area windows, both sides, antenna, complete w/ EE sticker attached: $50 each pick-up only

rear corner panels (the panels that enclose the tail lights),,,complete with rock-rash: $25 each + shipping

rear tail lights (blinkers, brake lights, etc), both sides, fully functional: $50 each + shipping or pick 'em up

rear seat, vinyl, beige, clean, 4 yrs old, inc brackets & middle seat/arm-rest/seat belt: $300 pick-up only

OEM front matts, beige, "Discovery" embroidered in black, clean with one small funky schmeg on the passenger's side matt than can be easily cleaned off: $40 for set + shipping

Need something else? PM me.

**all local pick-up buyers will receive free beer**
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