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Hi Everyone.. so I thought I would share my experience so those out there can benefit. Also any suggestions for more upgrades or other possible set-ups would be great to hear.

I have a 2001 D2 SE

I have successfully towed about 1000 miles on this set up with our 6500 pound 27 foot RV with its own brakes. I would recommend this set-up for trips of 1000 miles or less each way and no more than 6.5% (mountain pass) grade at any point along the trip.

Upgrades to the D2
OME Med Shocks
OME Med Springs
OME Steering damper
Cam upgrade to 4.6
2nd Transmission Cooler
Brake Controller
EBC GreenStuff pads
OEM Rotors
Lucas Trans Conditioner additive
Lucas Oil Stabilizer additive

Hitch Set Up.
Leveling System
Anti Sway bar

If I play around between 3rd and 4th chain links on the leveling bars I can get the D2 almost level or with just about a 1% tilt.


3rd gear all the time. So on level to semi level terrain there is power to spare, slow RPM gain but steady and solid pull. Trans will drop to a lower gear bringing rpm in the 2500-3000 range. Average speed 55-60 mph. I could go faster but when larger trucks blew past the suction it created was a bit to much.. so 60 mph was just about right.

On grades. I have had the set-up on a mountain pass with several grades of 6.5% for 5-6 miles at a time. Trans will drop to lowest gear, RPM will rise to the 4500 range and speed tops at 36 mph. Steady pull, steady power.

So if you buy an RV or big trailer and have a D2 but dont want to give it up for a longer wheelbase rig then you CAN make it work.

Thank for reading:grin


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Thanks for sharing
I am considering a 6 -7 hour trip to Quebec to pick up 2 1957 Land Rover parts trucks on 1 trailer (if I can fit them)
I am figuring on 5000 plus the weight of the trailer. Still not sure I can swing it in 1 trip
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