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2000 Discovery bought used with no remote. Was using the key to unlock the door until one day the lock stopped functioning ( key will not turn left or right, key slot ramains at 12 o'clock).

Used keyless entry with fob from the dealer with no problems for a number of years.

I left town for three weeks and the truck sat in the driveway. Got back and the fob would not unlock the truck, light on fob lighting up normally. Alarm light on dash blinking normally ( every three seconds or so). Changed the battery in the fob, no dice.

Called pop a lock and while we were trying to get in ( almost impossible) I pressed the buttons on the fob out of desperation, don't remember what sequence, and the truck unlocked. Got in and the truck started with ZERO hesitation, no car battery issue.

Drove the truck for a couple of days and everything functioned normally. Truck sat for two weeks and when I went to unlock the yesterday it would not work. Dash light blinking normally, fob light illuminating normally. Changed the battery in the fob and still not functioning.

So..... anybody have some experience with this?
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