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· 2002 Disco II unmolested at the moment.
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So after a long mess with the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP), see this thread for info:

After all of that mess with the CKP I have now run across a new problem and it may be the culprit and I am seeking advice!

The Disco now starts, revs and runs just fine for a while. Sooner or later it will eventually have the SES come on and the M and S start flashing. It will then go into "limp mode" with these codes: P0335, P0336, P1884 and P1590.

If I clear the codes and drive, it runs great, but will eventually have all the faults above return and go into limp mode. Clearing the codes produces the same results.

After getting the Disco home,l I started looking at the ECM as a point of failure here is why: After pulling the side panel, I see nothing apparently wrong. If I start her up and so much as tap on the ECM or wiggle any wires, drop the hood, close any door while running, the car wants to die and starts the same codes as before.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a loose wire or something that is causing this. Is there anything specific I can check to confirm this? All other functions of the car are normal as far as I can tell.

When I look at the wiring diagram for the CKP, there are only 3 wires that go to the ECM and none of them tie into any other portion of the loom other than being routed with it.

Please help confirm or deny my suspicions! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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