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I have a 99 Disco 2 that will start just fine but once it warms up you have to play with the pedal to keep it running or if i try to put it into gear it doesnt seem to have enough rpms to stay running and dies. it will fire right back up with same issue. and it sounds as if the timing is out now.

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What makes you think the timing is out?
Any warning lights on (engine light)?
The idling issue sounds like a airflow sensor or idle speed bypass valve, could be a air intake leak as well. Fault codes would help to isolate it..

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Any codes? There should be a code.

Sounds like a faulty sensor.

Probably IAC valve.

Could also be:

TP sensor (throttle)
MAF sensor (mass air)
CKP sensor (crank)
CPS sensor (camshaft)

Get some sensor cleaner spray and clean out the MAF and IAC valve. That'll probably sort it out. If it doesn't you'll need to hook it up to a live-data scanner to pull the CKP and CPS readings.

If none of that does it, try looking at the fuel pump, it could also be getting weak.
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