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Ok, Ive had my '00 Disco for a year now, and I think its time to turn it into a more mobile beast.

I'm planning on picking up one of these bumpers

Im just going to trim the rear bumper and quarter pannels instead of get a new bumper in the rear.

As for suspension, I want a 2" lift. from what I can tell that is pretty much the max lift you can do without needing to upgrade a whole bunch of other stuff.

I want to get a 2" SLS spacer kit from Is this a good way to get 2in of lift in the back? does anyone have any different recomendations.

For the front I'm planning on getting some Rovertym 2" coils.

I plan on doing it but is it necessary to get new shocks for a 2in lift, or until the cash flow is right can I just keep the stock shocks in there with new springs up front and the SLS spacers in the rear.

Diff guards will also go on, as well as a CDL lever kit.

Im just looking for some advice or recomendations as to where to go with this project. I'm new to off roading, but want to get the truck right before going too hard on it. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the world of Disco mods.
I have 99 D2 that I have done a 3" lift, OME springs, shock and a spacer in the front and the 2" Rovertyme spacer and Ome shocks in the rear.
You will need to go for the shocks to get a little more extension, especially in the rear.
Sounds like you are looking at the TJM bumpers from E.E., they are great.
Might want to look at the QT diff guards, I think they are as good as it gets for protection.
You won't benefit much from trimming the rear bumper, trust me I tore mine of many times as well as thrashed the qt. panels that I designed my own ft./rear bumpers.
The CDL mod will blow you away, I am using a solonoid set up from Austriala and swear by it.
I did a little more carried away then what your talking when it comes to the mods, kind of depends on what you are going to do wiith it.
Good luck and if you have any question get back to us.
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If you are going with RTE springs and spacers anyway, you might see if Steve would cut you a package deal on everything you need. The bumper may/may not be an option because there is a night and day difference between the two, so maybe you don't like the RTE bumper. But, on the diff guards, springs, spacers, shocks, brake lines, etc...Steve will treat you right.

FWIW, Steve has a really nice D2 3" set-up. He has got that thing dialed in nice.
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