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Hi All,

My disco had been running well, but for the last months, it has had a miss at low rpm (say 1500) under load. If you give it full acceleration it is not as bad, but I cannot say for sure it is ok. Also, if I "baby" it, I can avoid the miss, as long as I am on level ground. Going up hill, unless I give it a lot of gas, it will miss. It has occasionally thrown a "misfire on cylinder 4" and "misfire on multiple cylinders". It has once given me an oxygen sensor code, but all are new.

I replaced the head gaskets 2 years ago, and there is no evidence of coolant leaks. Have not checked compression.

I cannot see evidence of sparking if I look a the engine at night. The wires are pretty new. The coil pack is new and was doing ok.

I am looking for a diagnostic path here. I am planning to do a manifold vacuum test and a fuel pressure test, though the fact that it works ok under high fuel flow would argue against that.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

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