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D4 TDV6 5" Lift 33MTs
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Hi All, I'm reaching out from New Zealand here to see if anyone can verify the Load Rating of the factory fitted recovery points on a D5.

D5's wanting to go off-road are new to our club here in Auckland NZ [ ]. We have about 80 members or member families so for safety we grade the trucks as to their relative capability so we don't end up with a less capable vehicle getting in too deep on a tough run. With a lot of deep mud and clay tracks, snatch recoveries are the norm here so we need to rely on strong recovery points. On earlier trucks we fitted aftermarket hooks etc but with modern crash regulations, that's getting harder to do. So does anyone have a source they can quote with some certainty?

The first truck we are looking at is a 2018 Disco 5 S. It is the 3.0 diesel engine with air suspension but all likely have the same recovery points. Appreciate any light you can shed.

Cheers - Brett
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