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Hello, I have a 2003 Discovery that I purchased new (3" lift, ARB winch bumper, Safari Rack. etc.). I have a problem with my keyless entry system. The keyless stopped working so I did a fuse check and found that fuse #20 was blown. I replaced the fuse and now when I activate the keyless entry only the drivers door will lock and the horn honks (mislock). Also, if I try to lock the car with the key in the door, all doors lock but the horn honks as if it has a mislock.

I assumed I had a bad switch on either the hood or one of the doors but when I pull fuse #20, I can lock all the doors and arm the alarm with the key with no problem. Very strange. Do I need to replace the handset receiver (near the rear sunroof) or is their a way to reprogram the receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Claypoo:confused
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