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Discovery XD... should I??

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Well I sold my M3 this morning... :bawling: sigh.. it went to a very good home though!

On my way back from the Post Office I see this XD at a shop, being smogged. So I left a note on it to see if it was for sale.... owner called and said it was. Said he'd take $10k, but no less... Said he used the extended warranty to replace any and all defects. Has 110k on it. Looked immaculate. Any input?? Here are the pics:


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I say why not, I think life wouldnt be as grand if we didn't take risks evey once in a while. I just hope you had a background check on the vehicle before you make a purchase. Hey is that blackout on the hood of the XD painted on or is it a decal?
1 - 1 of 85 Posts
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