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Discovery's Twisted Chassis

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A few of us displayed our cars at a local festival at the weekend and my brother was on holiday after the first day and left his pride and joy with us.

As he was leaving one of the lads explained that if he left it on the ramp all weekend it might twist the chassis :D so all weekend he was texting me in the evening asking me to drive it off the ramp and I kept texting back saying I didn't have time.

Anyway, come Monday we sent him this pic with an apology for twisting his chassis!!!

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I put together a quick vid of the setup we had for this show. It was a bit last minute and, in the end, cobbled together but we included a bit of a raffle with a prize for a day out with us laning.

Obviously I use the term prize quite loosely!

It was a challenge to get the cars in positions that made it interesting for people to come and see.

I need to go and look what other people have done though as we were booked straight away for next year so someone thought we did OK.

Lowrangers 4x4 Club at the Northwich Festival 2013 - Land Rover Display - YouTube
Nice photoshopping!
Must have been great to see the expression on his face when he first saw it!
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