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Distinct Group..

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I have come to the conclusion that I may be one of three Disco's here in my city here in Statesville, NC. I saw a guy today driving one and he waved at me kinda like the motorcycle guys do. I felt that I was really a part of a distinct group of people. I felt really good going to the car wash.

I have been trying to get the wife to drive the Disco since I really picked it up for here since her car died. Well, she has advised me that she does not want to sell it, so I will fix her car next week. I do believe the Disco will end up being mine. She says she has to get use to it. In contrast, my Disco was a one owner and the guy really took care of it. Every visit to the dealer is noted by the dealers stam all the way up to 72,000 mile. I picked it up showing 78,000 mile. I mean the guy even documented every oil and filter change. I think I am in good shape. :drive:
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It is sort of like the Jeep Guys, but you cant risk giving the nod or the wave to a soccer mom driving a stock disco. no dont get me wrong I love all of them but!!! you cant risk it. The other day I was in VT and a Defender came at me and I was pointing it out to my customer who was in the car, and as i was pointing I got the wave. I will wave to a 98 year old women in a defender it doesnt matter...
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