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1991 RR Classic -174K miles

I purchased a Beck/Arnley 1746825 distributor cap about a year ago.

13K miles later I removed it for another purpose and examined the build-up on the posts.

There was a fair amount of build-up. I was surprised. This item has aluminum posts which I believe corrode faster than the brass.

By comparison I just replaced 1997 Tahoe original cap with 100K miles (brass) and build-up was minimal.

The RR has been starting a bit harder than I recall after replacement. I cleaned to posts and rotor so start-up is somewhat improved.

The better price of Beck/Arnley was not worth it. I would normally assume 50K miles on a cap, easily. This one will get replaced.

Niehoff WA416 looks like a good one. I use this company on Tahoe. Similar to BorgWarner materials but less expensive. $33 at www.Kragen (BeckArnley is $24.)
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